There have been reports and feature stories about Freeze 4U and his projects on TV and radio as well as in the press media all over the world. He has been interviewed numerous of times in English and German by the radio channel Deutsche Welle and then put on air throughout the world. Apart from that, Deutsch Welle has prepared many reports about him in different languages and then sent them out into the world. WDR TV and Centre TV has featured him several times also. He has also preformed live on air on the Bavarian radio programme “Classic Mix”. The radio channel SWR prepared a report on the release of his song “Life is a beach”. However not only printed reports have been published about him but additionally also a few online articles have been dedicated to his trips, involvement in social projects, the introduction of the Unicef anthem to name a few.

Some excerpts of press articles and interviews

SWR Jamaika Freeze 4U Interview after the trip

Beiträge der Deutschen Welle zu “The beauty of our world”

weltweit in verschiedenen Sprachen


Radio Galaxy

Interview zu “United We Change” und “International day of Peace”

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Bericht Express Release Konzert

Düsseldorf Antenne

Colors Presse

EXPRESS-Rio, Freeze 4U

“Life is a beach”

Das Eventformat, sein Song ist der Trailer, Express Düsseldorf

Partyvideo, Düsseldorf


Doku “Visiting Jamaica with Freeze 4U”

Westdeutsche Zeitung

…als die Band bei der Zugabe mit einem fulminanten Bass Solo von Jonas Dunkel in den Funk wechselte traf die Band genau den Geschmack des Publikums im B 20. Es wurde getanzt zum inoffiziellen Beginn der Promotion Tour für die Single “The beauty of our world”…

Interview Jamaica Tour

VOGUE Germany Interview

Shortfilm broadcasted worldwide

TV sowie auch als Radiobeiträge am 21.9.2009


Special cut of the project-tour of “United We Change” at the Near East for “20 Jahre Mauerfall” (fall of the wall), presented during the celebration at Brandenburger Gate, Berlin German

gezeigt zur Festlichkeit: Fest der Einheit, 2009 (Special cut der Projekttournee)

Jamaica is singing his Peace Hymn

Independence Day, National Stadium, National Choir and National Orchestra singing “The beauty of our world”

Heilbronner Stimme

(Daily news of Heilbronn, Germany)

…This is the biogragphy of the internationally known singer freeze 4U. The newly released single “the beauty of our world” was presented in Neckarsulm and throughout euroupe, with critical acclaim.

After the hit song “The beauty of or world” (a homage to protection of the beauty of our world) under the direction of Christel Schramm, the students from Theordor-Heuss Gymnasium/ Heilbronn joined him (who resembles Brian May from the band Queen) and rocked the house. In his white, innocent suit, the self composer of songs reminiscence of the 80`s and 90`s, the message of peace, expressed by this explosive entertainer wows audiences with his phenomenal range. With his wild acrobatics and many costume changes, he cracks the whip and brings the point home with the assist of Jonas Dunkel (bass), Hannes Feder (drums), Marc Schmitz (guitar) und Mik Jansen (keyboard).

Thought provocing lyrics in songs like “bad love”, “out of time” and “long way”, makes one think about of love and friendship and the reality of peace – is possible. With the music of keyboard and guitar he comes to a more tender place. Through the wonderful ballads his magic voice brings him to his soul as one.

Promotion Album „Colors“ ANTENNE 1

25 years ERASMUS, the story of house 11

The story of an unforgettable, unique time as an “Erasmus Student”. Students of Europe having a good time in “house 11” at Germany, Düsseldorf. This is Europe.

Jamaican Observer

Jamaika Gleaner

“All Are One” on Kingston’s waterfront

“Ich wollte die schöne Zeit festhalten”


Klassik meets Rock – “All are one”: Experiment im Palais Wittgenstein

ANTENNE 1, WM Projekt

Neuer Viraler Trend aus Deutschland

WDR, Life Is A Beach

Beitrag Song WDR