It Came Over Me, Musicvideo
Be loved be hated, Musicvideo
Let`s stand as one, Musicvideo
One Dream One Goal, Freeze 4U, official video, sing it at the Fifa worldcup Brasil 2014
International Cowboy, Klassik meets Rock-live, Freeze 4U
Freeze 4U, Rock meets Batucada & Brass, MEDLEY, live at Wiu Festival
Freeze 4U & Batucada & Brass, Fashion, live at Wiu Festival
The beauty of our world

Weltweit in vielen Sprachen und Stilen für das Friedensprojekt United We Change

Theatre`s Piano
Get Funky
One World One Promise
Get Funky, Release Concert
Are You Ready To Party

His songs

The themes of his songs are love, peace& friendship, the united Europe, the preservation of the world in its beauty and his personal impressions while travelling as a human being and a world citizen. Freeze 4U always underlines the believe in himself and the world, beside his rock songs, where he wants his friends to carry the message of his songs.

Above all, Freeze carries the roots of Europe in himself. Quote from his song the international cowboy: I have a Swedish name a German passport a British heart and I look Spanish.

This is seen and heard in his sounds and music. Music is a language without borders. While writing his songs he is often following the principal of, sometimes less is often more.

His Band: Freeze is working with a pool of excellent musicians.

Life is a beach (Single) Downloads or Shops in Germany: Amazon oder iTunes!

The beauty of our world: Unicef Hymne, Titelsong of : United We Change, Chöre für Unicef und Friednslicht

One world one promise
Song for World Organization Of The Scout Movement, and international day of peace and Friedenslicht

Many roads we have been also the mountains we have seen
If in the desert or the djungle we know we will find our way
together we light up the day
theses days together we will miss oh forever
One world one promise a guiding line
of peace and aid.

singing on the campfires there’s always a place to stay
for every body with a helping hand our nature is more than a promise land
together we light up the day 
theses days together we will miss oh forever
One world one promise a guiding line 
of peace and aid.


One World One Promise, November 2006

Geschrieben und Produziert für World Organization of Scout Movement

100 Years Scouting – World Scout Jamboree 2007

Produziert beim Peace Promotion Festival 07-07-07

Thank you very much for the support and cooperation with “the World Organization Of The Scout Movement” for the peace project “United We Change”

Händleranfragen erwünscht

Rock meets Batucada & Brass

Bad Love
Get Funky