…life is a highway so wide and free, the way is the aim, so I try so I try to fight for you…(lyrics from the song :”for you”, a song for his best friend)

The well-travelled artist and songwriter can tell many of stories which also reflects in his biography.

On stage freeze performed also with the son of Ringo Starr, a multitalented musician and an Oscar nominee and winner for the best film-music “la vita e bella”. Freezes favourite actor and director also directed and played the leading role in this film. After a concert on the island of Lipari Freeze stepped of a 100 year old ketch onto a little fishing village in Calabria/Italy.

Ready for a cold drink after his journey he stepped into a bar where he grabbed the microphone while the band was still playing and rocked the house without knowing who he was playing with. Come to find out, it was the band of Nicola Piovani (drums) for sure one of the best experiences of his life.

The scenery was quite unique as well, just under a cliff with a castle on the top of the mountain with an out of the world lightshow. Coincidences often occur in the life of artists, for example just like the meeting of Zack (son of Ringo Starr) the drummer and rock giant of the Beatles. Or walking into a tavern in Ascot in west of England where the doors where closed and the party was about to begin. A fantastic start for his England tour. Lots of stories to tell about human relationships and coincidences that make life so interesting. But lets go to the biography of the artist.

Right now Freeze produces another hit Cd that is involved in the life of the great Giacomo Casanova. There are a lot of parallels to this legendary hero and Freeze because they walked throughout all the levels of society. Very early in life Freeze recognized his love for the exiting flair of the theatre and arts and the stages that mean the world for young artist. Going to a special university his love for music especially the guitar and the piano developed simultaneous with his outstanding voice with the opera singer Darinka Segota.

Equipped with this knowledge Freeze is going through all the stages of ever changing music stiles and trends.

His compositions go from groovy rock pop songs to soul and ballads, always looking for the non-plus ultra mix between harmony and groove. Between funky and mellow Freeze feels comfortable in all varieties of music, needless to say, that he is at home at a lot of music styles. As life plays so does Freeze, for example with Marla Glenn, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Randy Williams, Zak Starkey, Carsten Pining, Frank Norden. His spontaneous and authentic style meeting and playing for and with the people and musicians is a highlight in his and his fans life.

After many many projects as a singer and in bands Freeze choose to become a solo artist and his passion for art is always present, which can be proofed by his past, working in various fields of art, like director, art event manager cameraman, radio-art shows and collages, producer, music manager, writer and radio host.

He has the kicks of the brand new hits