Be loved be hated

Zu den internationalen Wochen gegen Rassismus release ich die Single „Be loved Be hated“ und starte das interaktive Projekt. Was machen Sie bzw. wie kann man gegen Hate Speech und Rassismus, vorgehen?

“Let’s Stand as One” (Corona song) Stay healthy!

Musicvideo Single

Be loved be hated – Song gegen Rassismus

“Soundtrack zur weltweiten Corona-Krise von Freeze 4U – Music heals our soul” Beitrag der Freunde der Künste

Hier geht’s zum Beitrag “Soundtrack zur weltweiten Corona-Kriese” der Gesellschaft Freunden der Künste.

“Freeze 4U mit Corona-Song”. Zusammenstehen beim Abstandhalten.

Hier geht’s zum Beitrag der Express.

Freeze 4U

Even on the first sight you will notice, he has always taken one special path, his own. He is outgoing and frank and if convinced from his own ideas, he would go through fire to accomplish them, as he did on his tour in the Middle East where he gave a concert in Bethlehem. Freeze’s music cannot be ascertain by its genre because when he writes his songs and when he is surrounded by their sound he feels free and thinks like a painter in his colours and he acts mostly focused on the individual song which needs its own sound, something which is so untypical for a musician.

Thus the freedom song “The beauty of our World” sounds like a pop song, another song “Life is a beach” titled after a Caribbean island commercial shooting spot sounds like a fashionable rock song, produced in a synthie rock dance style with heavy guitars. He lives according to the principle arts and humanity acknowledge no compromises.

Since 2004 he´s been on tour as a solo artist and with his band. His song “The beauty of our World” experienced a worldwide airplay thanks to his choir and a medial charity project for the Tsunami in Asia. He insisted that all the gathered means were donated to Unicef. Guided by the feeling to make the world a better place through good party songs he developed a freedom project named “United we change” in which the introductory freedom song became also Unicef anthem.

As a result of the joy he feels working for the international freedom project he had decided not to publish any of his songs anymore but only to perform them live on stage and to dedicate his heart to the cooperation with all the international musicians working on this project. Isn’t it good news that he has now changed his mind and decided to produce his songs in a studio and release them?